Bull Hacks

Saturday, March 2nd, at The Branson School.

Over $10,000 in prizes.


Bull Hacks is an in-person coding competition for students in the Bay Area. Students will work in groups to create a project, and, after 12 hours, will pitch their project to a panel of judges. During the competition, students can attend workshops, fun events, and meet with professionals to get advice on their projects. The top teams, as decided by the judges, will win prizes.

Our Goal

We intend to make Bull Hacks a competition in which the competitors can grow their knowledge of coding and computer science in a fun, project-based way. We want attendees to leave the competition with more experience innovating, collaborating, and coding. Additionally, we want the event to be a place where coders from all across the Bay Area can meet and learn from each other.



  • 9:30  Welcome and introduction
  • 10:00 Coding Starts
  • 12:00 Super Smash Bros Tournament
  • 6:00  Dinner
  • 8:00  Coding Ends, Finishing Touches
  • 8:10  Presentations / Hangout
  • 9:00  Winners are presented